Orient Logistics was founded in 2003. Over 17 years of successful and fruitful work, we have accumulated invaluable experience working with companies of various sizes and incomes. So why choose our logistics service out of all the available ones?

1. Principles.

First of all, any success should be sought in desire. Our company is committed to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with customers. We can guarantee an uncompromising result. The long-term goal of Orient Logistics is to build an effective system for optimizing foreign economic activity and expanding the international trade area for our clients.

2. Real result.

Long-term contracts speak for themselves. We create not just a one-time service, but on the contrary, when working together, we take into account many factors for organizing this type of interaction, in which all its parties will be in a comfortable and profitable environment.

3. List of services.

There are many narrowly focused companies that focus on one specific task. The goal of Orient Logistics is to provide the client with all the services that they need. Our competence is:

  • International cargo transportation by road, rail, sea, and air.
  • Transportation by full vehicles and consolidated transportation.
  • Own transport for heavy cargo transportation in Uzbekistan.
  • Booking sea and air charters.
  • Project transportation, transportation of bulky and heavy cargo.
  • Organization of customs clearance.
  • Consultations on the specifics of local foreign economic regulation.

In matters of logistics, you can not take risks and rely on luck, this kind of work should only be performed by professionals. Orient Logistics is your choice.