In the market there are always offers with different added value, we understand that on the same route different transport, excellent payment terms, insurance can be used. Also, different companies have different costs in different jurisdictions and are highly dependent on the skills of the staff. We adhere to the principle of optimizing the cost of logistics by creating new products, and not at the expense of risks to the customer. Also we have a favorite picture — «there will always be someone who will make cheaper»

We transport commercial goods, our customers are companies of Europe, China, the USA, CIS countries, Russia, which conduct international trade in the b2b segment. Also we actively cooperate with foreign forwarding companies in those regions where we are present and provide services of the first or last mile.

We do not specialize in the transport of personal, household things, small packages and parcels. It is most profitable to do with the specialized express courier delivery companies. We do not work with online stores and aggregators for delivery to individuals. We do not transport liquid cargoes — it is a monopoly market for owners of rolling stock. We do not carry out «cargo» delivery and do not develop this direction.

Nowdays with situation instability of exchange rates, fuel costs, government fees and increased volatility in the market, we do not consider it right to strive for unification of commercial conditions. Having received a maximum of information about your task, we will quickly calculate a personal and profitable tariff especially for you.