When registering contracts and service agreements, the confidentiality policy is 100% observed by ORIENT specialists. This means that our customers can not worry about the safety of the information transferred to us.

We adhere to a delicate approach in the processes of interaction with all parties. Therefore, the privacy policy of personal data in terms of transportation, supply and logistics services is transparent and guaranteed.

Privacy policy information available upon request.
By signing a contract with us, you indicate information about the name, surname of an individual or a legally registered company, its address, contacts and details.

We guarantee that the 2018 privacy policy is complied with in accordance with the data protection regulations of the GDPR . Our specialists take all necessary security measures, strengthening the technical aspects of the transfer and storage of data, as well as organizational measures to protect them.

You can always find out the exact terms of the privacy policy in our office, by verbal or written request for information