The company ORIENT carries out project transportations, transportation of large-sized and heavy cargoes or cargoes of non-standard dimensions.
The following categories are related to such objects:

1. Building materials for the erection of residential, commercial, industrial complexes.

2. Equipment of oil and gas sector, boiler production.

3. Specialized equipment for all types of work on the roadway.

4. Agricultural machines, machine tools for equipping workshops, large tanks and much more.

If you are interested in what project transportation is and also what services are included in a relatively new concept for the Russian market, please contact our specialists for clarification.

Briefly, we will designate this complex of services for the development of the project for the forthcoming activity. Project transportation is the planning of the schedule of loading and unloading operations, transportation schemes with the indication of terms, details of documentary support, passage of customs and border control when the carrier crosses state borders.

Project freight services — which is part of the ORIENT service

When placing an order for the project cargo transportation in our company, you should clearly understand which points are included in the service. This is necessary for the subsequent coordination and signing of a cooperation agreement. The following activities are included in the project transport of 2018:

• Detailing the optimal route for the delivery of goods.

• Design of loading and unloading and rigging works at specific points of the linking road chain.

• Calculation of the cost for oversized project transport.

• Coordination of the price with the customer.

• Selection of transport for performing assigned tasks (changing types of vehicles for route optimization).

• Filling out the accompanying documentation package in accordance with the legislation of any country.

We guarantee professional project transportation of oversized cargoes with the solution of the whole range of issues to ensure this activity.

Our specialists will perform a thorough analysis taking into account the wishes of the customer, will assess the parameters of the cargo to be transported to select the optimal transportation scheme.