New regulation on the Carnet TIR

The Carnet TIR  is an international customs document accompanying the cargo from the place of departure to the place of destination.

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 727 dated 02.12.2021 approved the Regulation on the procedure for depriving international carriers of the right to use the rules of the 1975 Customs Convention on the International Carriage of Goods using the TIR Carnet on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the procedure for restoring such right.

The carrier may be deprived of such a right for:

A) failure to pay customs duties in violation of the requirements of the Convention;

B) repeated violations of the requirements of the Convention and (or) non-compliance with the requirements of the customs legislation of Uzbekistan:

  • illegal movement of goods across the customs border of Uzbekistan;
  • non-delivery of goods under customs control to the place of delivery, transfer of goods to other persons without the permission of customs authorities, or loss of goods;
  • use and (or) possession of goods intended for export from the customs territory of Uzbekistan;
  • non-departure from the customs territory of the republic within the time limits established by the Customs Code.

The State Customs Committee may make a decision to deprive the carrier of the right on the basis of proposals made by the territorial customs administrations. The decision is sent to the addresses of the Executive Council for International Transport and the Guarantee Association.

Guarantee Association – an association recognized in accordance with the TIR Convention and the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan as a guarantor for persons using TIR Carnets (Association of International Road Carriers of the Republic of Uzbekistan – ASMAP).

The good news is that the Regulation also sets out the conditions and procedure for restoring the rights to use the rules of the Convention on the territory of Uzbekistan.

The document was published in the state language in the National Legislation Database and will enter into force on 03/04/2022.


Source: Norma.uz

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