International transportation

Our company Orient Logistics will reliably deliver your cargo to anywhere in the world in the most favorable way for you. Based on the specifics of the business, industry standards and the current situation in the transportation market, we can offer a solution for each client’s need.
The main routes for road transport are transportation within the CIS, export transportation of goods from Central Asia in the direction of Europe, ports of the Baltic countries and the Black Sea basin. Automobile communication between China and the CIS countries is also actively developing. Considering the speed and mobility of road transport, recently a large volume of traditional for the industry cargo from railway transport has been transferred to road transport.

For transporting cargo across the ocean we offer multimodal transportation by road and sea with reloading at terminals in the port area.

The main component in deciding on the choice of the mode of transport, route and conditions of transportation is the combination of the cost of transportation, the speed of transportation, the availability of transport on the appointed date, the possibility of a flexible schedule and monitoring of the cargo along the route.

Traditionally, bulk, liquid and oversized cargoes are typical for rail transportation. A feature of the modern transportation market is route dispatch, optimization of the car fleet by private owners, product solutions for each industry.

Most of the cargo is currently transported by fast container trains. In the message “Western China – Western Europe” the growth of freight traffic by rail is tens of percent per year.

The company can offer a service for organizing container trains for your cargo in the direction “China-CIS-countries of the Caucasus and Europe”.

Contract logistics is a modern approach to organizing supplies

A feature of modern international trade and industrial cooperation is cost optimization and minimization of risks when ordering the production of goods. With sufficient competence in international transport and customs clearance, we offer our clients 3PLogistics services.

For every need, we work out delivery options, including but not limited to:

Selection and qualification of producers
Organization of request for proposals analysis of prices, terms and conditions
Development and approval of technical and commercial conditions for production
Examination of the contract for compliance with industry standards and local legislation
Organization of customs escort of the contract
Organization of delivery, storage, transportation and distribution of goods.
Information support, management of warehouse balances at sites in different countries.

Project transportation

Orient Logistics carries out project transportation, transportation of bulky and heavy cargo or cargo of non-standard dimensions. Taking into account the peculiarities of the region, the state of the roads, the availability of vehicles and special rolling stock, delivery times and the cost of transportation, we can offer a solution that meets the specifics of your project. Based on the complexity and international cooperation in working with project cargo, we often offer first and last mile services for a consortium of international companies operating a project. Depending on the project, the wishes of the client, the timing and budget of transportation, we operate our own, attracted local fleet of equipment or act as an agent when mobilizing imported rolling stock.

The remoteness of the Central Asian region from sea routes, the underdevelopment of infrastructure impose their own characteristics when transporting project oversized and heavy cargo. But in any case, we always find the right safe solution that meets the needs of our customers.

Project cargo transportation is the main competence of the ORIENT Logistics group of companies
Elaboration of options and determination of the optimal route for cargo delivery.
Design of loading and unloading and rigging works at loading / unloading points.
Calculation of cost options for oversized and heavy transportation.
Road survey, Route survey to determine suitability for transportation
Rolling stock (available after registration)

We guarantee a professional approach and confidentiality when processing your request.

Агентские отношения

Немаловажную роль в приобретении нашей репутации как надежного поставщика сыграла сеть профессиональных агентов по всем миру. За 17 лет активной деятельности на экспедиторском рынке Orient Logistics наработал устойчивые связи со многими мировыми экспедиторскими компаниями, перевозчиками, владельцами техники и транспортных средств, собственниками подвижного состава, которым мы неуклонно доверяем и по сей день самые разные грузы как по масштабности, так и по срочности доставки и опасности перевозок.

И в то же время, крупные мировые игроки рынка транспортных перевозок такие как () доверяют нам как надежному партнеру участвовать в масштабных проектах вместе с ними.

В 2003- 2007 годах Orient Logistics выступал генеральным агентом группы компаний Евросиб в Республике Узбекистан.
В 2012- 2016 году Orient Logistics выступал региональным агентом группы компаний Mammoet на территории республики Узбекистан при строительстве объектов Нефтехимической и Энергетической промышленности.

Ставка на взаимовыгодные и долгосрочные отношения позволяет нам оказывать содействие международным компаниям при реализации проектов в регионе и получать квалифицированную помощь по всем регионам, где присутствуют интересы наших клиентов.

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